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In this modern age no one is here without cellular phones, so as more advanced versions of smart phones. Smart phones are quite a viral things lately and two of the most famous operating systems are IOS and Android. Smart phones consists of lots of apps which works for different functionalities and uses e.g. social media apps, lock screen apps/security apps, games and many more.

Sometimes these apps spy on you, not in real life but your smart phone get spied so easily without your consent. So the trick is to protect your smart phones from being spied and protect yourself from the breach of your privacy. This article will help you out with protection guidelines from being spied.

First come with the sign of you being spied, it’s not that much tricky all you have to do is to observe your smart phone actions and behavior if you are observing any anonymous changes and go for spy protection straight away. Some of the signs includes:

  • Strange noises during calls.
  • Battery performance gets low.
  • Activities are still running even you are not using it.
  • More time is consumed while turning on/off.
  • Phone starts to heat up.
  • Strange texts.

Here are some tips for you for the protection of your smart phones because whether it’s your or your family some times intelligence spy on you and removing such spyware secure you and your phone from downfall.

  • Lock your phone with password

Most of the spyware is installed manually, so in case of protecting your smart phones from always put your password on before giving your phone to anyone else. The most obvious mistake we do is to leave your smart phone or any other gadget unprotected. Many tech experts prefer pin or password as they are hard to crack in the first place.

  • Give jail breaking a second thought

Jail breaking allows your phone with many other features, but give it a second thought before digging it in. Those devices which are jail broken they are not protected and secure enough with the safety protocols.

  • Prefer to install antivirus

Anti-virus is as important for your smart phone as for pc, even it’s more essential to secure your smart phone. Installing smart phone is not that difficult or tricky some of the best antivirus includes Avast, AVG free, Norton and 360 security.

Some of the other important tricks that can secure you from spied like

  • Try to update security system on regular basis.
  • Refrain from using public WIFI more often.
  • Verify any app before installing.
  • Try not to click unknown links.

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